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Quick meals and snacks

  Download Nourish Spotlight: FATIGUE – Quick meals and snacks (PDF)               It is important to have adequate nutrition and hydration during cancer treatment but it can be hard to prepare meals and snacks when you are feeling fatigued. Having small meals and snacks throughout the day can be […]

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Meals to make ahead

  Download Nourish Spotlight: FATIGUE – Meals to make ahead (PDF)               Going through treatment for cancer can cause fatigue for many reasons including as a side effect of the treatment itself. When we are feeling tired, eating and preparing food that supports our body can be challenging. Making […]

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Tips to save energy

  Download Nourish Spotlight: FATIGUE – Tips to save energy (PDF)                 ✓ MAKE FOOD PREPARATION EASIER. Make sure you have access to food that requires little to no preparation and don’t be afraid to use your microwave. See the other cards on fatigue to find out ways […]

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Tips to manage fatigue

  Download Nourish Spotlight: FATIGUE – Tips to manage fatigue (PDF)                 Cancer-related fatigue is different from the regular fatigue everyone experiences from time to time; it is usually more severe, lasts longer, and can make it hard to get through your daily activities. Resting more or doing […]

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