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Power Snack Balls

4 of 5 80 Minutes 10

A nutritious high-fibre snack to take with you. If you use a food processor you can use whole peanuts instead of peanut butter. Store in the refrigerator, covered, for up ...

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Cancer related fatigue

Staying well-nourished with cancer-related fatigue. Meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and even eating all require energy – something many of our readers may be lacking. In this issue, we will provide you with strategies to keep yourself well-nourished when you are tired – it is very possible to do! Cancer-related fatigue is the most […]

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Side Effect Management: Fatigue

If you’re dealing with fatigue, you may not have the energy to accomplish all of your daily tasks. That’s okay. There are two main strategies you can use to help manage fatigue: Save your energy and take steps to reduce fatigue. TIPS TO SAVE YOUR ENERGY 1. Be patient with yourself You may not be […]

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Ask the Dietitian

Should I become vegetarian? One of the more healthful diets is a plant-based diet. A vegetarian diet is plant-based and in some cases may include milk products and eggs. It may also exclude all foods from animal sources, as in a vegan diet. Well-planned vegetarian diets offer a number of health benefits hat are likely […]

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