Quick meals and snacks

Quick meals and snacks


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It is important to have adequate nutrition and hydration during cancer treatment but it can be hard to prepare meals and snacks when you are feeling fatigued. Having small meals and snacks throughout the day can be helpful in ensuring you are getting enough calories and protein.

• EAT EVERY FEW HOURS. This will give your body a constant supply of energy. Include a carbohydrate (whole grain bread, pita, or crackers) and a protein (nuts, legumes, fish, eggs).
• ADD SOME OF THESE ITEMS TO YOUR MEALS AND SNACKS if you are losing weight and need extra calories:
Oils such as olive oil/avocado oil/coconut oil
Butter, mayonnaise or other sauces of your choice
Nuts and seeds
Honey/maple syrup
Use full fat dairy products


Meals that don’t require cooking

Canned fish, crackers and sliced vegetables
Yogurt, fruit and granola
Nut butter sandwich, homemade fruit and vegetable smoothie
Leftover fish or chicken used in a sandwich with a side salad
Peanut butter and jam sandwich with fruit salad and a cup of milk or milk alternatives
Mashed canned chickpea sandwich made with whole grain bread, lettuce and tomato
Packaged ready-to-eat tofu, hummus and pita, sliced vegetables, fruit smoothie


Quick and easy meals

Grilled cheese and bowl of canned or jarred tomato soup
Frozen meal, fruit and a glass of milk
Baked chicken, rice and steamed broccoli
Pasta with canned or jarred tomato sauce
Scrambled eggs, pita and sliced avocado
Quinoa salad with vegetables and pasteurized feta cheese
Flour or corn wrap with cheese and vegetables


Avocado & Egg Toast

Queso Fresco & Spinach Quesadilla


Megan Morrison RD, Princess Margaret
Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Stéphanie Pasaman RD, University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM),
Montreal, Quebec

Erin Roman RD, InspireHealth Supportive
Cancer Care, Vancouver, British Columbia


The information in this publication is not intended as medical advice nor should it replace advice, expertise and information given by a member of your healthcare team.
Nourish Spotlight is a publication of the Nourish: Canada’s Nutrition Companion for Oncology Patients and Caregivers series: a free resource developed by registered dietitians, available in print and online www.nourishonline.ca

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