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Drinking enough fluids during cancer treatment will help flush out unwanted byproducts and reduce many side effects including nausea and dehydration.  BOX 1


Aim for at least 6–8 cups (1.5–2L) of fluids per day.
Water is the drink of choice when you are feeling well and eating enough.
Don’t like the taste of plain water? Try infused water! BOX 2
Having a hard time drinking enough? Have a reusable water bottle nearby as a reminder.
Water is not the only option; keep reading to find out different tips on staying well hydrated, especially when dealing with nausea.




Take small sips often throughout the day.
Try room temperature fluids versus hot or cold.
Avoid coffee and alcohol as they can irritate the stomach and increase urination.
When you feel very nauseous and have trouble keeping food down, try clear fluids such as watered-down juice or broth. BOX 3
Talk to your doctor or dietitian if you are unable to tolerate anything but clear fluids for a few days.



Choose drinks that will replenish your electrolytes such as sport drinks, commercial rehydration solutions or make your own. BOX 4
Make electrolyte popsicles by pouring a rehydration drink into freezer molds.
Make electrolyte jello by replacing water with a hydration drink when mixing it.




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Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario
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Montreal, Quebec
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