Tips for healthy eating


People with cancer often think they have to avoid certain foods such as animal products, acidic foods and sugar, or eat only organic foods.

The truth is, the best “diet” for people with cancer is actually to follow the healthy eating guidelines that dietitians have been promoting for years.

Tips for Healthy Eating
• Eat a variety of foods
• Include protein in every meal
• Drink plenty of fluids
• Consume more plant-based foods
• Eat more vegetables and fruits
• Choose healthier fats: leaner meats and dairy products with low milk fat (MF)
• Make whole grains your preferred carbohydrates
• Limit high-calorie, high-fat snacks
• Limit processed foods, which are high in sodium

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle
• Limit alcohol
• Maintain a healthy body weight
• Exercise a minimum of 150 minutes per week

How to Eat Well During Treatment

Nutritional needs can be higher during cancer treatment. You’re going to need a good supply of protein, nutrients and fluids, but not necessarily extra calories. Good nutrition will promote healing, maintain your muscle tissue and support your immune system.

No single food or nutrient can accomplish this on its own. The best strategy for meeting one’s specific nutritional needs during this
time is to focus on consuming a wholesome, varied diet.

But eating well during treatment can be a challenge. Some patients may experience side effects that prevent them from eating all the healthy foods they want.

Talk to a dietitian who specializes in cancer care. Together, you can determine if you are eating well and choosing foods that are appropriate for you.

I Can’t Control My Weight

In this article, we are focusing on weight management during cancer treatment. Cancer or its treatment may cause unplanned changes in your body weight. You may want to discuss any weight concerns with your healthcare team. No matter what your goal is, start with healthy eating.